enhancing the appearance and making it highly user-friendly


XHTML is an advanced version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). PSD to XHTML is a major part of website development; the conversion gives new meaning to a website by enhancing the appearance and making it highly user-friendly.

On the other hand, PSD is a Photoshop Data File saved in PSD format. You cannot launch PSD file directly as website therefore,


it needs to be converted into a markup language called HTML or XHTML. A website should have all necessary features to catch visitors’ attention and leave such an impact on them that they keep coming back to the site. PSD to XHTML conversion is very beneficiary to websites in a number of ways. It enhances quality and productivity of a website. Table less coding in XHTML is easy. Therefore, table-less PSD to XHTML conversion makes the web pages completely error-free with no extra codes. Due to the proper location of images the web applications that come out from table-less formats are very light-weighted on the internet. PSD to XHTML conversion makes your website multi browser compatible, pixel perfect and search engine friendly.

Conversion from PSD to XHTML is a skillful task and requires profound knowledge of coding. So, it is in your interest as a website owner to hire a markup service provider. Some of the significance advantages of our PSD to XHTML service are given below-

Onlinedxb offers you quality markup service in less turnaround time. This consequently helps web designers in saving their time and money; they are not over-burdened and delay in the delivery of the projects can be avoided as well.

People today access internet through various devices, I-pads, laptops, desktops, phones etc. It is important to ensure that your website has complete accessibility in all common browsers. A website which is not cross browser compatible cannot make-up to the top. Our testing team takes this into consideration and make sure your site multi-browser compatible.

onlinedxb do not use automated software to produce coding rather we offer hand coded and semantic markups. This is so because there are some technicalities occur in coding and we cannot be handled by automated software.

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